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Internet has given us plenty of ways to earn money. Internet medium if utilized properly can be a million dollar business. By avoiding sheer waste of time and concentrating on the necessary aspects we can create wonders via online medium.

Few such incredibly brilliant platforms that help in earning money online are listed below.

1. Content Writing – With the rise in the numerous companies online. Website content/web content are becoming swiftly popular. Content writing is one of the best ways to earn money online. One can select this field as a part-time occupation as well.

2. Web Designing – Unlike any other coding jobs, a web designer can earn money even without going to the company. Web designing is in high demand nowadays. Not only for website development, but web designer is also getting paid well for removing the bugs and maintaining the web pages.

3. Language Translator – Knowing the regional languages can also add money to your pocket. Just by translating the sentences you can gain money. Many websites are offering the platform to become a potential translator. Therefore, when you are bored instead of wasting time you can go for this option to earn your pocket money.

4. Data Entry – Another option to gain money by staying at home. Furthermore, the data entry job is one of the simplest jobs that even people with minimum educational qualification can do. Moreover, the earning from this job is also reasonably high and it can range from Rs 250 to Rs. 1500/- per hour.

5. Online teaching - If you have good knowledge in any of the academic subjects, or any crafting, handlooms etc. you have a way to earn money. Even your cooking skills can get you money. All you need is a YouTube channel or a blog to reach out people.

6. Online surveys – we all would have filled an online survey or an online report just like that. But now you can do that for money. There are websites that will pay you for filling out survey forms. Only for a few minutes of form filling, you can earn money.


A little knowledge about the current online trends can earn you more money. Earning money will increase the financial flows. Irrespective of age group, skill set any grown-up individual can earn money by having basic knowledge about the internet.