Essential factors for SEO other than keywords

Most of us assume that inserting keywords in your content solely contribute in improving the website traffic but that is not all the truth, a well-developed website comprises of several other factors like quality content, images, website design and many more. Going beyond the keywords to provide high quality content is the new approach to increase your brand’s ranking.

Keyword research is the major concern of every professional who wants to come up with high-quality content. Though the blog is all about other components other than keywords that can decrease the quality of content for SEO. However, keywords are still a component of SEO content so one just cannot ignore it.

Below we have listed factors other than keyword stuffing that becomes crucial when website ranking comes into consideration

1. Content is the king- Content has become the king of digital marketing. There are several different forms of content writing like SEO content writing, SEO copywriting, and web content writing. SEO content lacks in providing the quality as it includes several keyword variations in it. Therefore, using quality content by using catchy and understandable words can improve the customer engagement.

2. Use Sitemap – A sitemap holds the links of the entire website. Thus helping the visitors to easily navigate. Sitemap, the simple directory used will help Google in crawling a sitemap to find and identify all the information that is applicable to a specific search that has been performed.

3. Loading Speed of website or web pages – Google gives the preference to sites with faster speed. Also, if your site speed is faster, the bounce rate will be lessened. In addition to this aspect, the high site speed can also increase domain authority.

4. Responsiveness – Most of the potential customers may be smartphone users. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website accordingly. Whether the customers open your site through phone, Tablet or laptop your site must be equally responsive.

5. User Experience To create a good user experience even the minute factors like website color and template plays a crucial role. The usability and engagement metrics must be high because Google takes these factors into consideration to increase your brand’s visibility.

The Bottom Line

As Google updates take place every once in a while it is important to switch to new tactics to be at high position in SERP. By making proper use of updated SEO strategies in the evolving ecosystem will result in increased sales, creates brand awareness etc. Further, these factors might help in enhancing the popularity of your brand.