By 2021 Facebook plans to train 50 Lakh Indians on Digital Skills

Facebook has taken the initiative to train over 50 lakh people in the next 3-years. This step is taken by Facebook can massively contribute to the growth of Digital India. Further, the purpose of this initiation is to help small businesses in India reach the global economy.

Facebook has already trained one million people across 150 countries, 48,000 villages with the help of 50 partners with ten ongoing programs, said the social networking giant on the inaugural day of the two day Facebook Community Boost program intended to help small businesses gain digital marketing skills.

Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, India, South, and Central Asia, on Saturday, told to the reporters that "We have a very strong framework of the partnership with local partners and state governments". She added, the company also works closely with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on digital training.

Addressing the meeting she said, "We are very excited that our programs such as BoostYourBusiness, SheMeansBusiness that are run in partnership with the State and Central Government, private institutions and civil society focus on facilitating economic transformation and mainstreaming of small businesses at the grassroots level into the formal economy”.

Das added, "More than 80 percent of SMBs (small and midsize businesses) on Facebook say they have increased sales because of the platform and access to global and local market". As a result, more than 70% of SMBs on the social networking platform built their business on FB.

More about Facebook programs

The BoostYourBusiness provides the assistance of up to $50,000. This program helps in developing new products and services. The BoostYourBusiness program implements the process enhancements and adopts advanced business models. The SheMeansBusiness program is all about inspiring women entrepreneurs. It was launched in partnership between Odisha’s Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) department and Project Mission Shakti. Under this program, 25,000 women entrepreneurs and self-help group (SHG) members from the state will be given training on digital marketing skills.


The Facebook training programs help to build a digital presence by avoiding expensive fees for creating and hosting websites. Moreover, for the ease of learners, the training modules are available in 14 local languages. Facebook also enables businesses to post job listings and empowers youth to find jobs even in remote geographies. Having things done right, unemployment issues can be reduced to a larger extent by this smart Facebook programs.