A website is worth the interaction only if the content is relevant, is of good quality and is genuine,Customers and Leads show up interest in visiting the website only if the content is worth reading has vital and relevant information.

A Content Writer has to be creative in generating new and Genuine Content so that the targeted audience are forced to visit the website.

Content can be categorized as:

  1. Information/knowledge part of content (An expert is needed to add unique content)

  2. Correct Representation.

  3. Optimized for Search Engine .

  4. Right call to the actions to improve sales.

By putting useful information you would become the authority of website . Smart Marketers make use of both content and imagery to communicate in the way that is most convenient and useful for the audience.

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While developing Quality Content we need to focus on the Google norms the most used search engine and also how well the content is acting as an impact for the conversions.

Even though the visuals and presence in social media will play a major role in establishing your brand , the content is what that sets the baseline and a strong foundation.

The best example is Google Maps where the person can find the physical location of the desired place but the description and reviews about the place is what makes a deciding factor for him to visit it. This is where the content plays a vital role.

The Social Media is another example is flooded with content and to make it more intractable. social media in today’s world has grown strong enough to influence a large population significantly. There are many platforms on social media which serve a specific purpose depending on the use and application.

If the content is relished by one person he can share the website link to multiple social media platforms. This in turn will fetch you with more referrals.

Content mainly includes important labels that search engines and readers use to understand the context of a piece of content. Writers are responsible for title tags, headers throughout the page, and written content that infer what the brand is all about.

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