Web developers are the project oriented craftsmen who are responsible for the end product i.e., in this case the website we interact,Job assigned to a developer can be Front-End Development, Back-End Development, or full-stack web development.

If you are interested in new technology, have skills in creativity and implement into the practical world then web development can be the right platform for you to cast your spells.

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Front End Developer is one who codes for what you see on the website in your browser, including the presentation of content and user interface elements like the navigation bar. They can code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and similar frameworks to ensure that content is characterized promptly and hence users/visitors have an excellent experience.

Back End Developer is expertise in developing the core of the application, which resides in the server. The back end is where the actual program data is stored and executed so as to ensure that the front end has what it needs.

Full Stack Developers are expertise in both front end and back end,A resourceful web developer has high demand can be recruited by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.,

A smart web developer can be recruited in the startups or can be a freelancer where he can decide what has to be paid for his work and has the freedom to schedule his working hours. Strong people skills are necessary for this path.


Hyper Text Markup Language used for developing web pages. It contains of hyper links and tags used design layout of the page.HTML is alone used to present the content in the browser in a structured manner. But combined with CSS (color and structured data) and JavaScript its features are enhanced. Hence dynamic functionality of the website is improved.

It is a formal suggestion by the worldwide web and is compatible with all the web browsers. HTML is used to inform the web browser how the content of web page is structured and should be presented to the user . Tags such as h1,h2 tages are used for headings, p tag used for paragraphs, table tag tabular data, ol tag for order list etc. All these tags are used for separating the html code with the actual content displayed on to the web page.

HTML5 is a W3C specification that defines the fifth major revision of the HTML. The major changes in HTML5 is in respect to how HTML addresses Web applications.

As the websites become more and more advanced the html has become much simpler to use by using less code.

Structure Of HTML

The structure of a standard html is as follows :

< !DOCTYPE html> : written using HTML5.

<html>:A must to begin a html document.

<head>:Includes metadata and links.

<title>:Title of the page.

</title>:closing title.

</head>:closing header tag.

<body>:Actual content of the page.

</body>:closing of the body tag.

</html>:End of the document.

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading style sheets is used for the layout of web pages. It mainly concentrates on the look and feel part of the website. It includes color of the text, style of the fonts and spacing between paragraphs, size of the columns, images. All these are formatted based on the device it is being interacting from. It is also used with any kind of XML documents such as plain XML, SVG and XUL.


  1. Once defined in a html it help us to create a uniform layout for several pages without having to redesign the layouts for every single page.

  2. Saves a Lot of time.

  3. Also any changes it can be easily applied to several pages at once. It helps developer to have a much more control over the webpage on different elements such as images (size and resolution), Table(cell padding structure and color) etc.

  4. Page loads faster due to reusability of the same code.

  5. Easy maintenance : Global change is possible with the content formatting . Update it one place it automatically updates other regions.

  6. Compatibility on multiple devices .

  7. With more attributes the presentation of the website is more user friendly.

The CSS working group is responsible for updates and recommendation which are documented by them as specifications.


H1{ color:yellow;font-size:12px;}

h1/h2/titleā€¦ are selectors that should be mentioned to as which element you want to style. The declaration block consists of declarations and each declaration is separated by a semicolon.

In the above examples declarations are the color and font size they represent the property,Values are the parameters provided to property i.e., yellow and 12px.


It is mainly used for developing dynamic website content. Like Refreshing the existing pages. Loading up new content without having t change the view manually.

The best examples are animated graphics, picture slideshows, interactive forms etc.

It is this java script that enables Google search engine to provide you with suggestion of search terms , updating of facebook timeline on the screen the moment you upload it.

This scripting language enables dynamic feature of the web elements to happen seamlessly without any interruption. An integral part of the web functionality all browser consists of built in engines that can render web pages. Additional compilers and programs are not required to be downloaded.

Java scripts is used mainly for :


<script type="text/JavaScript">

JavaScript is embedded here.


This is how in a simple manner JavaScript can be added to the website code.


Bootstrap is a open source framework used to develop html, JavaScript and CSS,It focuses on development of informative web pages in a simpler manner evicting the complexity.

First a web project is created and bootstrap is added to it. Then the developer has options of customizing the individual elements and implementing them . Once there is a confirmation, the bootstrap provides all the basic html elements to get a uniform look of the website across the web browsers.

Further these appearance can be enhanced with CSS options in the bootstrap.

Also Bootstrap comes with the options of java script in the form of jquery plugins. These plugins consists of dialogue box, tool tips, auto complete functions to fill a text field.

The entire webpage basic layout in bootstrap is embedded in a frame called container with all the web elements(content, image , table etc.) placed in it. This container can be fixed or flexible as per the developer's need.


It is a JavaScript library is designed to simplify the HTML, event handling and the css animations. Abstraction is possible in jQuery with help of the plugins.

The latest version is 3.4 .1

jQuery has HTML DOM -Document object model.

A cross platform and language independent which treats xml or html as tree structure. Each node acting as an object representing a part of document. since it is a tree structure with node endings when a event is triggered the respective event handler gets executed.

Using this feature jQuery can find an element by triggering that event by changing its attributes and making it respond to it.

Jquery features :


$(document).ready(function () {
//here jquery methods

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Helps you achieve maximum speed on the web platforms. It Eliminates The Dead Code.

Two libraries that allow code splitting is

  1. ngx-loadable.

  2. @herodevs/hero-loader.

Can be developed on one and run on multiple platforms providing Reusability of the code.

Build apps for the desired device.

Maximum speed with uninterrupted server rendering.

simple user friendly tools.

2.)React :

JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Design simple views for each level of application. Helps with stateful component by accessing input data via this.props and maintains the internal state data via this.state.

Helps you to develop smaller components and combining them to develop complex and interactive UI's.

Load data incrementally

we can make use arrow functions, classes, let, and const statements.

Use of Babel is a JavaScript compiler that can translate markup or programming languages into JavaScript. With Babel, you can use the newest features of JavaScript..

Enhanced user experience.